As our patient you can be assured of receiving the best in class personal care, tailored by your consultant to your needs. Based within the Harley Street Medical Area, Nuada Gynaecology is a team of renowned gynaecological and obstetrics specialists brought together by Nuada Medical Group to provide the highest quality service to patients with gynaecological conditions and mothers to be. Several eminent gynaecologists have joined our founding Consultants, Mr Jeffrey Braithwaite and Mr Adrian Lower. Uniquely, we are the only gynaecology chambers in London which can genuinely claim that from initial consultation, through diagnosis and treatment, we provide an integrated pathway covering all aspects of gynaecology and obstetrics with acknowledged authorities in each of their fields.

2a Menopause happens to all women, it is when ovaries stop producing hormones, this usually occurs after 50 although it can be much earlier. Many women have no symptoms but some have mild to very severe symptoms, this is not uncommon and a consultant gynaecologist is the best person to talk to about it and to take you to through this time in your life. Symptoms may include: Hot flashes – this will feel like a w... more
9a HRT There is no doubt that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will alleviate symptoms in most women. It may not provide complete resolution of all symptoms but will certainly improve the situation. The current advice is that HRT has a minimal risk for the development of breast cancer, particularly when HRT is initiated within a few years of the menopause. In women taking oestrogen therapy alone, no risk was identi... more