d Signs and stages of pregnancy At Nuada Gynaecology our obstetricians are all internationally acclaimed surgeons who work out of the Portland hospital, the largest and best private women's and children's hospital in the country. They will be with you, whenever you need them, every step of the way from your initial consultation to the delivery itself. The most tell-tale symptom of pregnancy is a missed period, howe... more
a Scans and tests to monitor your pregnancy Ultrasound scans are an incredibly effective, and non-invasive, method of diagnosing a whole range of gynaecological and obstetric issues. They can drastically reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and need for diagnostic surgery. When performed by an expert they can be used to accurately monitor your pregnancy as well to diagnose issues ranging from cancer, problems with fertilit... more
b Pregnancy consultations, tests and birthing At Nuada Gynaecology we offer the highest level of service for this hugely important stage of your life. We will be on hand from the very beginning of your pregnancy journey right the way through to the birth itself. The highest quality of tests and scans shall be available to you to assure you of your baby’s wellbeing. Birthing Our consultant obstetricians do all of t... more